The Rudolf Steiner Branch of North Carolina presents: An Astrosophy Workshop With Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams


The Rudolf Steiner Branch of North Carolina presents:
An Astrosophy Workshop
With Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams:
“Evolving Star Wisdom: an Introduction to Knowing the Stars”and
“The Role of the Divine Feminine in Star Wisdom”

Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 9 AM – 4 PM

In the 6th Grade Classroom Room at

The Emerson Waldorf School 6211 New Jericho Rd. Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Recommended Donation: $60

*mary stewart star widson 02102020

Session I: Saturday morning, March 14 from  9 AM – 10:30 AM

“Evolving Star Wisdom: From Astrology to Astronomy to Astrosophy”:

A basic introduction in how to know the stars in the historical framework of Rudolf Steiner’s “Stars Spoke Once to Humanity” verse, and through artistic engagement. Session includes Q&A

10:30-11:00 – Refreshment Break 

Session II: 11 AM – 12:30  PM

“Applying  Star Knowledge to the Current Cosmos”

Having established a historical context for understanding an evolving star wisdom, we will now apply our understanding to what’s happening in the sky in March 2020, and its relationship to the festival cycle of the year.

12:30 –  1:15 PM:  Eurythmy with Corinne Horan

1:15-3 PM : Lunch Break (Lunch is not provided, but there are many restaurants close by.)

Session III: 3-4 PM “The Role of the Divine Feminine in Star Wisdom” includes Q&A

Please RSVP :  

If you have no access to email, you may leave a message at 919-309-9622

*No one should stay away due to lack of funds. Pay what you can.

As a Star Lore Historian, Mary Stewart Adams’ work is informed by a lifetime studying the stars through the insights gleaned from Anthroposophy, and by the rigorous public engagement that resulted from leading over a decade of programs after establishing  the 9th international dark sky park in the world in Michigan in 2011. Since 2013, she has produced the weekly public radio segment The Storyteller’s Night Sky, and has traveled extensively teaching a humanities-based approach to the night sky. You can find Mary through her website, on Facebook at The Storyteller’s Night Sky, on Instagram @starmares and Twitter @starsnstories. Mary is a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and the International Dark-Sky Association.

mary stewart adams

Corinne Horan graduated from Eurythmy Spring Valley in 2017. She attended the Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, Wisconsin where she did extensive work with Therapeutic Eurythmy as a child. This led her to a love of Eurythmy and a desire to pursue formal training in both artistic Eurythmy and Therapeutic Eurythmy. Currently, Corinne is providing Hygienic Eurythmy for the children at the Emerson Waldorf School. She received her training in Therapeutic Eurythmy in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Corinne Horam








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